Hidromod Data

High resolution accurate solutions.

Soil Moisture

Very high resolution soil moisture estimates from satellites and predictions from models are provided real time at sub-parcel scale.

Vegetation Health

Early detection and monitoring of changes in vegetation health via real time satellite observations.

Drought Assessment

Analysis of the past and the current conditions as well as near future seasonal forecasts are provided as an early warning.

Weather Forecast

Short-term forecast up to 10 days and seasonal forecasts up to 6 months are provided for all hydrometeorological variables (e.g., precipitation, temperature, soil moisture, wind) thanks to in house developed numerical weather prediction models.

Flow Prediction

Accurate short term (up to 10 days) and seasonal (up to 6 months) runoff forecasts are provided operationally thanks to in house built models.

Wheat Yield Prediction

Historical estimates and seasonal forecasts of wheat yield can be obtained thanks to highly accurate satellite datasets and numerical weather prediction models.

Climate Forecast

Expected projection of all hydrometeorological variables due to climate change are obtained at high spatial resolution up to 2100.

Wind Forecast

Operational high-accuracy wind forecasts are performed at turbine level utilizing regionally calibrated numerical weather prediction models.

Solar Radiation Forecast

Operational high-accuracy solar energy forecasts are performed at solar farms utilizing satellite observations and regionally calibrated numerical weather prediction models.

Try Sample Data

Get an idea about the product by trying this sample NDVI data that is for Middle East Technical University in Ankara.

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