Our Vision

HIDROMOD (Hydrometeorological Forecasting and Analysis Center) is a leading company built over 25 years of experience in the field of non-invasive remote sensing observation-based pattern recognition and physical model optimization. Our products are developed via analyses of big data containing high spectral, spatial, and temporal dimensions in diverse fields such as agriculture, climate change, hydrology, and hydrometeorology. HIDROMOD's solutions include estimation and enhancement of complex signals through the use of artificial intelligence-based systems and Filtering techniques. Our vision is to provide reliable remote sensing-based products enabling improved decision support systems, where acquisition of large number of invasive observations are not feasible or possible.

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Our Team

M. Tuğrul Yılmaz

Remote sensing model-based hydrometeorological data analysis and modeling expert

İsmail Yücel

Remote sensing data and hydrometeorological/numerical weather prediction modeling expert

Aysu Arık

Hydrometeorological research specialist

Soner Ç. Bağçacı

Climatological prediction specialist

Çağatay Çakan

Data analysis specialist

A. Cem Çatal

NWP and data analysis specialist & web and mobile app developer

Berkin Gümüş

Climatological prediction specialist

A. U. Galip Şenocak

Artificial intelligence and data analysis specialist

R. Deniz Yalçın

Hydrometeorological prediction specialist